Finishing the First Draft

Finishing the first draft is always a challenge. Each novel takes its own process, and the Kingdom of Boredom, my upcoming debut novel, was no different. Although the prototypical story began nearly seven years ago, the current version (and the only draft I’ve finished so far) began just last year in 2019 as I began my online masters degree in creative writing.

The draft finished in roughly five 15,000 word milestones. some of them were written chronologically, and some, well, they went like skipping stones across a pond. A scene here, a portion of a scene there, and the ripples eventually connected together. But (outside of external deadlines), the biggest thing was consistency.

Write every day. Or almost every day. Find the opportunities to write and stick with them. You’ll build momentum, and eventually, you’ll drag yourself kicking and screaming across the finish line.

Art by Mido

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