Naming Characters

Choosing what to name your character is something that often gets overlooked by writers. But just as your book’s title is important, so too the title of your character, the label by which your readers will come to love or hate them. A poor name can take a great character from inspiring to barely respectable, and an out-of-place name can irreparably shatter the illusion of the story.

Whether you want inspiration, seek to give your character’s name deeper meaning, or need a database of names based on nationality, the following sites should help you christen your characters with the perfect names.⁠—This site allows you to search by popularity, gender, uniqueness, and origin.⁠—This site allows you to search by name meaning, something BabyNames does not.⁠—This site lets you search by both meaning and origin.⁠—Honorable mention: Also allows you to search by meaning and origin, although I haven’t used this site as much.

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