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The border wars have claimed many harpies’ lives and touched dozens more. Shira, an expecting mother, is no different.

Widowed by the war, she’ll soon give birth to her first clutch, but inexperience and loneliness leave her anxious about the future. And the Tamago, the ruling class, will come and purge her clutch, so only the strongest chick remains.

Bereft of her mate and soon to be her children, she seeks solace in her final hope: raising her last chick.

Even angels make mistakes.

The citadel of guardian angels is under attack. Fallen angels are on the move, and Haven, a powerful guardian, is missing. To find him, Leona sneaks out of the citadel on the eve of battle. She finds him in the slums, wrestling with his inner demons. Unable to dispel his darkness, she’s forced to return before the impending attack.

Once she’s gone, the Fallen move in and try to recruit Haven. He rejects their offer but can’t escape that they saw a bit of Fallen in him. When the attack begins, he must choose which side he’ll embrace: the darkness, or the light.

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