1. A native Hoosier, Taylor writes metafictional comic fantasy from frigid, northeastern China when not throwing English education at young people.

2. Taylor is an ESL teacher who lives in frigid, northeastern China, teaching young learners English and, occasionally, drama. Prior to leaving the US, Taylor finished a Bachelor’s in Engineering and CELTA certification to teach English abroad. A devout defender of unrealistic, escapist fantasy, Taylor inadvertently produces comic metafiction.

3. Taylor was born and raised in the Hoosier state, suffered four years of grueling study earning a Bachelor’s in Engineering down in South Carolina, then moved to the bitterly cold northeast of China to teach English and, occasionally, drama. While there, Taylor endured the hardships of a city with only two seasons, summer and winter, and battled the Great Firewall to complete an online Master’s in Creative Writing and write a novel during the coronavirus pandemic. A devout defender of fantasy for its own sake, Taylor inadvertently produces speculative metafiction which continuously nosedives into comedy.

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